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Renee O'Shea


Renee O’Shea is the principal proprietor at Lokahi Home Designs. Pride is taken in developing active interaction with the client which produces a blend of new and fresh ideas from the client and the designer for a truly custom look.

Renee is a talented designer who brings an enjoyable, less stressful approach to her projects and clients. The goal is to help the client feel comfortable with change and enjoy the process along the way. Her focus is specializing in the integration of  beauty and functionality. Renee is gifted in being able to transform a clients current surroundings into a setting that balances and combines day-to-day functionality with sophisticated beauty.

Renee lives in Superior with her husband and two sons. She has lived in Colorado since she was six years old. She has four college degrees and a passion for helping others. With this passion she helps clients to analyze their current surroundings and offers custom design that provides each home with an easy and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Responsive, talented and experienced, Renee has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction with quality and professionalism. While being fairly new to the public aspect of design, she has years of design in several private settings. These projects range from simple home organization to interior remodels and building a home from start to finish. It is felt that there is no transformation too small or too big. The goal is for the client to be comfortable and enjoy the process.

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